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MDFS Documentation


Who wants to read this ?

Developpers or computer geeks.
Documentation for end users is here:
MDFS User Site:
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MDFS is a simple Distributed File System for Linux and Windows implemented in C++. Simple because it is not a kernel module, just an application running in the background.

You can use it to access (view, download, upload) files on a remote computer, for automatically backing up your file on a remote server, etc...

Because MDFS is focused on modularity, you can easily write your own client or server. For example you could also use it to manage a web site dynamic content: imagine your web site is a weblog with articles stored in a DB, with a special MDFS server and a normal client, you could see the weblog sections as directories and the individuals weblog articles as files. Writing a new weblog articles could be as simple as writing a text file locally and store it locally in a special MDFS directory. MDFS will do the rest automatically: upload the file content, and the special server will store it into your web site database.


Project status



MDFS main class is mdfs::MDFS, start by looking at it to study how MDFS works.

Client/server architecure

A DFS is based on a client/server arhitecture. mdfs::MDFS take care of both side, ie server and client.

Network Protocol

The network protocol is for now only based on TCP. The protocol is made of XML messages.


Each C++ module can easily be replaced without affecting the other.

MDFS SourceForge project page and download Logo

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