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MPNL::MSocket Class Reference

#include <MPNLBase.h>

Inheritance diagram for MPNL::MSocket:

MThread List of all members.

Public Member Functions

 MSocket (int type, MPNLBase *owner)
virtual ~MSocket ()
void operator() ()
bool IsInvalid ()
bool Read (std::string &msg)
bool Read (std::string &ip, std::string &msg)
virtual void Stop ()
int Send (const std::string &msg)
unsigned long SendStream ()
void SetStream (std::iostream *s)
int SendTo (const std::string &ip, int port, const std::string &msg)
MYSOCKET GetS () const
void SetS (MYSOCKET s)
bool Listen (int port)
bool HasMsg ()
std::string GetLocalIP ()

Public Attributes

void * Data
MMode Mode
int PrefixLen
sockaddr_in ServAddr
 for UDP Send and SendTo

std::string PeerIP
std::string LocalIP
 local IP (testing)

int PeerPort
std::iostream * Stream

Protected Types

typedef std::queue< std::string > MMsgQueue

Protected Member Functions

void PushMsg (const std::string &msg)
 void SetActive(bool a) {

void PushMsg (const std::string &ip, const std::string &msg)
int Send (const char *str, int len, int flags)

Protected Attributes

int Type
MMsgQueue Messages
MMsgQueue IP
TIME LastMsgTime
boost::mutex MsgMutex

Detailed Description

MSocket is our main threaded class that read and write to a socket
Mickael Faivre-Macon

Member Typedef Documentation

typedef std::queue<std::string> MPNL::MSocket::MMsgQueue [protected]

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

MPNL::MSocket::MSocket int  type,
MPNLBase owner

virtual MPNL::MSocket::~MSocket  )  [virtual]

Member Function Documentation

std::string MPNL::MSocket::GetLocalIP  ) 

MYSOCKET MPNL::MSocket::GetS  )  const [inline]

bool MPNL::MSocket::HasMsg  ) 

bool MPNL::MSocket::IsInvalid  ) 

bool MPNL::MSocket::Listen int  port  ) 

void MPNL::MSocket::operator()  )  [virtual]

Implements MThread.

void MPNL::MSocket::PushMsg const std::string &  ip,
const std::string &  msg

void MPNL::MSocket::PushMsg const std::string &  msg  )  [protected]

void SetActive(bool a) {

bool MPNL::MSocket::Read std::string &  ip,
std::string &  msg

bool MPNL::MSocket::Read std::string &  msg  ) 

int MPNL::MSocket::Send const char *  str,
int  len,
int  flags

int MPNL::MSocket::Send const std::string &  msg  ) 

unsigned long MPNL::MSocket::SendStream  ) 

int MPNL::MSocket::SendTo const std::string &  ip,
int  port,
const std::string &  msg

void MPNL::MSocket::SetS MYSOCKET  s  )  [inline]

void MPNL::MSocket::SetStream std::iostream *  s  )  [inline]

virtual void MPNL::MSocket::Stop  )  [virtual]

Reimplemented from MThread.

Member Data Documentation

void* MPNL::MSocket::Data

MMsgQueue MPNL::MSocket::IP [protected]

TIME MPNL::MSocket::LastMsgTime [protected]

std::string MPNL::MSocket::LocalIP

local IP (testing)

MMsgQueue MPNL::MSocket::Messages [protected]

MMode MPNL::MSocket::Mode

boost::mutex MPNL::MSocket::MsgMutex [protected]

MPNLBase* MPNL::MSocket::Owner [protected]

std::string MPNL::MSocket::PeerIP

int MPNL::MSocket::PeerPort

int MPNL::MSocket::PrefixLen

MYSOCKET MPNL::MSocket::S [protected]

struct sockaddr_in MPNL::MSocket::ServAddr

for UDP Send and SendTo

std::iostream* MPNL::MSocket::Stream

int MPNL::MSocket::Type [protected]

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