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mdfs Namespace Reference


struct  MConnection
struct  MConnection::MInfos
class  MDFS
 Virtual base class for a simple distributed file system. More...

class  MDFSDB
 Memory DB. Use Berkeley DB to store it permanently. More...

struct  MDFSDB::MEntry
class  MDFSDBBase
 Base classe for remote file structure storing. More...

class  MDFSPeerBase
 base class for peer connection (client or server) More...

class  MDFSTCPClient
class  MDFSTCPClientBase
class  MDFSTCPServer
class  MDFSTCPServerBase
class  MDFSTransfer
class  MDFSUpdate
class  MDownload
class  MFile
 A distributed file is not necessary stored locally LocalPath could point to the local file or be empty A local path could be different that the real path on the server since the file structure on the server could be simply stored in a DB, not on the HD By convention a directory is always followed by a slash (/). This help when we use a path as a unique key in a DB, so /mystuff (directory) and /mystuff (file) can each be a key because /mystuff (dir) must be rewritten /mystuff/ and is therefore different than /mystuff (file). More...

class  MFileDFS
class  MFileScanner
struct  MOptions
class  MPeerClient
 MPeerClient implements a remote client link MClient's Data is a MSocket. More...

class  MPermission
class  MQuery
 A query. More...

class  MServer
 MServer implements a remote server link A MServer contains a MPNL::MTCPClient (mdfs::MServer::TCPClient) that is connected to a mdfs::MDFSTCPServer. More...

struct  MShare
struct  MStats
class  MUpdateScanner
 Virtual base class for a local update scanner. More...

class  MURL
 A remote file path Host can be empty, but keep the / : mdfs:///Repository/. More...

struct  MUser


typedef std::vector< std::string > MStringList
typedef std::vector< MServer * > MServerList
typedef std::vector< MShare * > MShareList
typedef std::list< MDFSUpdate * > MUpdateList
typedef std::list< MDownloadMDownloadList
typedef std::vector< MFileMFileList
 A list of MFile, used in MDFSDB.


enum  MUserType { utOWNER = 0, utGROUP = 1, utOTHER = 2 }
enum  MFileType { ftUNK = 0, ftDIR = 1, ftFILE = 2 }
enum  MMode { mREAD = 0, mWRITE = 1 }


bool IsSubFile (const string &f, const string &path, int depth)
int ParseURL (const std::string &str, MURL &url)
bool IsSubFile (const std::string &f, const std::string &path, int rcount)
 Is f a subfile or subdir (child) of path ?

Typedef Documentation

typedef std::list<MDownload> mdfs::MDownloadList

typedef std::vector<MFile> mdfs::MFileList

A list of MFile, used in MDFSDB.

typedef std::vector<MServer*> mdfs::MServerList

typedef std::vector<MShare*> mdfs::MShareList

typedef std::vector< std::string > mdfs::MStringList

typedef std::list<MDFSUpdate*> mdfs::MUpdateList

Enumeration Type Documentation

enum mdfs::MFileType

Enumeration values:

enum mdfs::MMode

Enumeration values:

enum mdfs::MUserType

Enumeration values:

Function Documentation

bool IsSubFile const std::string &  f,
const std::string &  path,
int  rcount

Is f a subfile or subdir (child) of path ?

f file or dir to test
path the path (is a dir, must be terminated by /)
rcount -1: general, 0: direct sub file or dir, > 0: inclusive upper limit

bool IsSubFile const string &  f,
const string &  path,
int  depth

int mdfs::ParseURL const std::string &  str,
MURL url

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