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MPNL::MTCPServer Class Reference

#include <MPNLBase.h>

Inheritance diagram for MPNL::MTCPServer:

MPNL::MPNLBase MThread mdfs::MDFSTCPServer MPNL::MTransferTCPServer List of all members.

Public Member Functions

 MTCPServer ()
virtual ~MTCPServer ()
void operator() ()
bool Listen ()
bool Read (MSocket *&s)
void Disconnect (MSocket *s)
virtual bool OnConnection (MSocket *s)
 return false to reject the connection

virtual void OnDisconnection (MSocket *s)
virtual void SetMode (MMode m)
virtual void SetPrefixLen (int len)
virtual void SetStream (std::iostream *s)
virtual void Stop ()
void GetStats (MStats &s)
void BroadcastMsg (const std::string &msg)
int Send (const std::string &ip, const std::string &msg)
bool IsConnected (const std::string &ip)
int NbClients ()
MClientListLockClients ()
 * Commented just to see if used somewhere :)

void UnlockClients ()

Protected Attributes

boost::mutex ClientMutex
MStats Stats

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

MPNL::MTCPServer::MTCPServer  ) 

virtual MPNL::MTCPServer::~MTCPServer  )  [virtual]

Member Function Documentation

void MPNL::MTCPServer::BroadcastMsg const std::string &  msg  ) 

void MPNL::MTCPServer::Disconnect MSocket s  ) 

void MPNL::MTCPServer::GetStats MStats s  ) 

bool MPNL::MTCPServer::IsConnected const std::string &  ip  ) 

bool MPNL::MTCPServer::Listen  ) 

MClientList* MPNL::MTCPServer::LockClients  )  [inline]

* Commented just to see if used somewhere :)

int MPNL::MTCPServer::NbClients  )  [inline]

virtual bool MPNL::MTCPServer::OnConnection MSocket s  )  [virtual]

return false to reject the connection

Implements MPNL::MPNLBase.

Reimplemented in mdfs::MDFSTCPServer, and MPNL::MTransferTCPServer.

virtual void MPNL::MTCPServer::OnDisconnection MSocket s  )  [virtual]

Implements MPNL::MPNLBase.

Reimplemented in mdfs::MDFSTCPServer, and MPNL::MTransferTCPServer.

void MPNL::MTCPServer::operator()  )  [virtual]

Implements MThread.

bool MPNL::MTCPServer::Read MSocket *&  s  ) 

int MPNL::MTCPServer::Send const std::string &  ip,
const std::string &  msg

virtual void MPNL::MTCPServer::SetMode MMode  m  )  [virtual]

Implements MPNL::MPNLBase.

virtual void MPNL::MTCPServer::SetPrefixLen int  len  )  [virtual]

Implements MPNL::MPNLBase.

virtual void MPNL::MTCPServer::SetStream std::iostream *  s  )  [virtual]

Implements MPNL::MPNLBase.

virtual void MPNL::MTCPServer::Stop  )  [virtual]

Reimplemented from MThread.

void MPNL::MTCPServer::UnlockClients  )  [inline]

Member Data Documentation

boost::mutex MPNL::MTCPServer::ClientMutex [protected]

MStats MPNL::MTCPServer::Stats [protected]

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